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From the time of its inception in the late 1970s, Xico, Inc. has not only kept up with the developments of modern technology, but has surpassed them to the extent of setting new standards in magnetic stripe technology for performance and reliability. Our expertise in this field combined with an approach that targets specialized markets have established Xico, Inc. as a leading edge designer and manufacturer of microprocessor-based card readers and encoders.


Our products include manual swipe and insertion magnetic stripe card readers and encoders, motorized 10mil magnetic stripe card readers and encoders, and our newest development: the RFID Access Control Systems. In addition, with 25 years experience in magnetic recording, Xico’s senior technical staff has been able to address specialized markets by providing a line of standardized products that also have sufficient flexibility in features, power requirements, and interfaces, including USB, in order to readily “customize” to each customer’s needs. As a result, Xico products are used in a wide variety of applications such as point-of-sale, security and access control, hotel/motel door locks, vending machines, pay telephones, amusement and gaming, mass transit, and driver’s licenses.


Xico’s mission has always been to maintain its long-standing position as the world’s leading expert in magnetic stripe technology. By demonstrating this knowledge to our customers through high quality products and service unsurpassed in the industry, Xico has earned the reputation as a one-stop shop. Customers can consult with experienced engineers to determine their needs, purchase at the level desired, from basic module to fully integrated system, and be assured that they will always receive quality service and support.



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